Meet Our Team

People You Can Trust

At ABC Son Shine School, we care for your children the way we care for our own.


I have never felt so comfortable leaving my children with anyone. This is our daycare family!
-Kristi S.

Our team members must meet the highest standards.

  • Your child will be taught by highly-qualified, certified teachers. Each teacher continues to receive at least 30 hours of certified training per year.
  • All staff members are trained and certified in first aid and CPR.
  • All staff members must pass a background check that includes fingerprint analysis through three databases.
  • We maintain low teacher-student ratios, compliant with child care licensing regulations, so we can listen and pay attention to each child.
  • Most importantly, all staff must demonstrate a pattern of living and caring for children that aligns with our mission.

Meet Our Team Leaders


Gwen Seivley, Owner of ABC Son Shine School

“I have learned some important lessons from 37 years of working in daycare:

—That it’s important to keep my priorities in order. God always comes first. Family is second, and work third. My God will never leave me or forsake me and will supply all my needs.

—That each child in our center is a gift God has sent to us. Each child should have a chance to experience a childhood full of happy memories, like stored up treasures to reflect on for a lifetime. I want our children to be able to look back and say, “I remember the good times we had. How fortunate I was to be part of that family. I know those teachers helped shape and mold me into the person I am today.’

—At the end of every day, I still ask myself, ‘Did all my friends have fun playing today?’ And I make sure I can answer, ‘Yes, ahhh, yes, they did!'”


Miss Mary, Center Director

“I have always loved being around children! I love their honesty, silliness and compassion.  I trust in God to help me guide, care, and love these kiddos.  I have been here at ABC Son Shine School for almost 5 years. For the first 2 years, I was a teacher in 18 month and 2’s class. For the last three years, I have been the center’s Director. I have a non-expiring Director’s License from the State of Texas.  I also receive yearly professional development training hours on a variety of topics about children and how to care for them. My goal is to have an encouraging, positive impact on each child, every day.”

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